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Navy Blue Recycled Rubber strap 20mm for Rolex Daytona / Yacht Master with Oysterflex Bracelet

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Custom Made Replacement Band For Rolex Yacht-Master & Cosmograph Daytona style timepieces with Oysterflex Bracelet. Made from Navy Blue Recycled Rubber. The lining is made from the same material in Black color.
This Replacement Band is Designed for people who choose non-animal derived materials. Waterproof.
This is a great choice to customize your unique timepiece. Check the other colors available in our Rubber collection.

Custom made Replacement Band For Rolex Yacht-Master & Cosmograph Daytona style timepieces with Oysterflex Bracelet.
Handcrafted in Italy by Italian Artisans.

  • For Oysterflex Oysterlock clasp (both strap ends notch 3,5 x 9 mm)
  • This Leather Strap can Replace the Oysterflex Elastomer Strap on Ref.
    #116655 (Yacht-Master '40); #268655 (Yacht-Master '37); #226659 (Yacht-Master '42);
    #116515LN; #116518LN; #116519LN (Cosmograph Daytona)
  • Stitching: Regular side, color: Bright Blue
  • Measurements
    • Width to lugs: 20/16 mm
    • Straps length: see options
    • Band size: Unisex Regular / Small or Large

    The strap segments for the Yacht-Master 37 (350557 ) and Yacht-Master 40 (350501) watches.
    OEM straps have set of two-letters that start with 'E'.
    The second letter in the two-letter code, starting with 'E', indicates the length of the strap segment.
    The lengths range from 'C' to 'H'.

    Since there is no 12 or 6 o'clock side on the Oysterflex, the strap segments can be used interchangeably on either side of the case. To achieve the best fit and ensure the clasp remains centered on the bottom of your wrist, two different sizes of segments are typically combined: a shorter segment at 6 o'clock and a longer segment at 12 o'clock.
    By combining the appropriate segments, users can achieve a comfortable and secure fit for their Yacht-Master watches with Oysterflex straps.

    For your reference, the measurements for codes from OEM strap are:
    EC-4cm/1.57", ED-4.5cm/1.77", EE-5.5cm/2.16", EF-6.5cm/2.56", EG-7.75cm/3.05" and EH-9.0cm/3.54". i.e. A typical combination on a Yacht-Master 40 on a 7.5" wrist would be an EE at 6 and an EF at 12 o'clock.

    If the specific strap you require is not listed in our product specifications, please select the appropriate size from our selection: small, regular, or large. Then, in the order comments section, please provide the exact length needed for the strap. We will adjust the strap accordingly to meet your requirements.
    Composition and Care
    • Main material: Recycled Rubber; color: Navy Blue
    • Lining:Recycled Rubber; color: Black



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    Each product signed by Visconti Milano Straps is packaged in a refined paper box bearing the Visconti Milano logo.

    Watch strap packaging can be used as one strap holder.

    Our replacement watch bands are supplied by a special screw driver tool that will help with the strap installation on your timepiece.

    Recycled Rubber

    Italian Recycled Rubber is one of the bestselling vegan/ non-leather materials. It is versatile. The wristwatch straps made from recycled rubber are soft and look glamorous.

    read more

    It is a trendy material for making wristwatch straps nowadays. Being waterproof allows the swimmers to swim while wearing their wristwatch. The recycled rubber is soft material; therefore, the straps made from recycled rubber are comfortable on wrists. The material is durable against elemental and physical abrasion.

    The origin of this material is Italy. Recycled rubber is a rubber that has been recovered from scrap materials. The Italian recycled rubber comes in many different colors.

    Recycled rubber is ati-static and do not apply dust or small particles. Recycled rubber items are ideal for different sport activities, includinjg swimmimg in pools and in the salted water. They are eco-accommodating items; in fact, that their creation removes non-biodegradable waste from the environment.

    Product Availability

    If the requested straps are not in stock: This Custom Made Product is already on the Way to Be Back in Stock or it will be Promptly Produced for you.

    Usually, this process takes from 5 to 15 Business Days to Restock and Dispatch it.

    We always do our best to provide the fastest orders processing.

    - The preview in Strap Constructor is digitally approximative
    - All the custom made (bespoke & made to measure) handcrafted products may have the variations in finishing and color shades
    - Every piece of strap is unique
    - Our custom made products are not a subject for return

    bespoke & made-to-measure

    This watch strap style is available for personalized order, created with Strap Constructor.

    The Bespoke and Backordered Handmade Production takes from 5 to 20 business days. We can produce the strap with your custom measurements and personal initials on the inner part of lining.

    Make a note to the order on checkout page with desired personalization (initials on inner part of strap lining).

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