Our Sustainable Materials Collection

If you are looking for a vegan strap essentially designed, Visconti MIlano offers a full range of eco-sustainable alternatives to leather in its signature high-end collection. Visconti Milano, well-known for its iconic design straps made of finest Italian leather, has accurately sourced from around the world the best ethic and recycled materials, based on key features like being sustainable, innovative, comfortable, light, soft and durable.

The Visconti Milano eco-sustainable straps collection is made of materials like: Piñatex, Kurabo Denim Prime Blue, Alcantara, Italian recycled rubber, Cordura, Portuguese cork, Cactus and Corn Leather, all selected to assure the perfect balance between a green choice and Italian design.

Material Cordura - Visconti Milano

Products made with CORDURA® Advanced Fabrics are built stronger and last longer.

A green adventurous choice for your watch strap. Cordura (R) is a high quality, innovative, durable and sustainable solution, if your lifestyle is driven by performance challenges.

Ideal matching with your Cordura (R) Visconti Milano strap are both the outdoor and active moments, as well as the working versatile looks. Are you ready to live your next adventure?

Cordura® Strap (Apple Watch All Series) /KHAKI GREENBlack Cordura Strap 23mm Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Perforated styleLight Green Cordura strap 20mm General style. Vegan
Material Italian Recycled Rubber - Visconti Milano
Italian Recycled Rubber

Visconti Milano recycled natural rubber watch straps are suitable for all styles and outfits, whether used during your weekends outdoor activities or with a sporty chic look.
They are sustainable, water resistant and extremely durable.

Wear a Visconti Milano recycled rubber strap for an eye-catching wrist, you can choose your favorite one between many colors, available with contrast or on-tone stitching, or no-stitching for an active minimalist elegance.

Recycled Rubber Strap (Apple Watch All Series) / COGNAC BROWNBlack Recycled Rubber strap 22mm Cartier Ballon Bleu styleNavy Blue Recycled Rubber 22mm Tag Heuer Monaco style. Perforated Profile
Material Japanese Denim Kurabo - Visconti Milano
Japanese Denim Kurabo

Kurabo history as Japanese denim manufacturer starts more than 50 years ago, famous for high quality fabrics and advanced technology is committed to make lower the impact on environment. Visconti Milano straps made of Kurabo Denim are emblematic examples of sustainable innovation hidden under aesthetic. These straps are extremely durable and add a stylish twist to any look, they are a perfect accessory for all-seasons.

Japanese Denim Watch strap 22mm / Grey Stitching / Quick release. Small sizeJapanese Denim Strap (Apple Watch All Series) / DARK BLUE WITH ORANGE STITCHINGJapanese Denim Watch strap 22mm / DISCO / Yellow Stitching / Quick release. Large size
Material Original Italian Alcantara - Visconti Milano
Original Italian Alcantara

For Alcantara sustainability is a key requirement, the company is fully committed to respect the environment.Visconti Milano straps made of Alcantara are not only the best environmentally friendly choice, but they are luxuriously tactile and incredibly soft and resistant. Each strap fits perfectly giving pleasant sensations and matching all the occasions even the more special ones.

Original Italian Alcantara is a sustainable super high-quality material. It is pretty known because of its usage in sports cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. It is a soft material and has resistance against water, scratches, stains, light, and heat. It is an excellent material with outstanding properties, making it suitable for making wristwatch straps. It comes in many different colors by giving a massive bunch of options to get chosen.

Alcantara is a synthetic fiber made of 32% polyurethane and 68% polyester. The fabric production has zero impact on global warming and is, therefore, a sustainable fabric. Consequently, it is a suede-like pile of microfiber and soft, thus used in the marine industry for making jewelry, wristwatch straps, clothing, furniture, safety helmets, and other stuff, including safety helmets. It is a vegan fabric made without using animal products or by hurting or killing any animal; therefore, its production is cruelty-free.

Original Italian Alcantara is a good choice of material to make wristwatch straps solid and durable so that they will last longer. It is not only just strong but is stain resistant, heat and light resistant, water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and fire retardant, allowing it to withstand many difficult times and challenging climates. This fabric requires low maintenance and is easy to care for as it can be ironed and washed. It is comfortable on the wrist as it is breathable and cool in summer and warm in winters. The grip surface is high in Alcantara. There is a vast range of colors available in this fabric.

Alcantara certificates

Grey Alcantara Patek Philippe Nautilus style watch strap 25mmBrown perforated Alcantara® strap 20mm with high grade SS 16mm buckleAmazon Rainforest Green Camouflage Alcantara Patek Philippe Nautilus style watch strap 25mm
Material Pinatex - Visconti Milano

Visconti Milano has selected this innovative natural material, obtained from the waste leaves of the pineapple plant that combines sustainability and comfort. The wrist straps are e extremely light and strong thanks to its technical characteristics. A natural and green alternative that suits any outfit from a formal to a more casual look.

Pinatex Strap (Apple Watch All Series) / ROSA VINTAGEPanerai style band in Marina Blue PinatexPinatex Strap (Apple Watch All Series) / SILVER METALLIC
Material Portuguese Cork - Visconti Milano
Portuguese Cork

The natural characteristics of cork are legendary - lightweight, with a unique, flexible, thermal insulation, resistance to abrasion, mechanical, stain, sewage and water.

We believe in Sustainable innovation through 100% natural materials like Portuguese cork. Portuguese cork is well known for being extremely light, resistant and durable.

Visconti Milano straps made of Portuguese cork will give an unparalleled smooth touch and comfortable classy look to your wrist. Be naturally stylish.

Custom Strap 20mm with Bund in Chess Brown Portuguese Cork / Non-leather derivedNatural Lime Beige Portuguese Cork Strap 20mm. Quick release / Vegan StyleSilver Natural Portuguese Cork strap General style
Material Vegan Leather - Visconti Milano
Vegan Leather

We are proud of our premium quality Vegan Leather watch straps, they are a perfect alternative for everyday occasion, if you are looking for a sustainable strap, meticulously designed and beautifully handcrafted in Italy by Italian artisans.

Make your conscious impact matter with our selection of Vegan Leather straps available in many colors and finishes, appropriate for a professional attitude as well as for a versatile stylish look.

Lemon Yellow Smooth Vegan leather strap 22mm Franck Muller Casablanca styleBlack Textured Vegan Leather strap 19mm for Omega Speedmaster styleSmooth Vegan Leather Strap (Apple Watch All Series) / SCUBA BROWN

We are proud to share with you our commitment for the future with a Sustainable approach at the core of our strategy and product development with our traditional design-centric perspective.

In addition to our emblematic collection of made-to-measure and ready-to-wear straps beautifully designed and hand-crafted by Italian artisans, our clients can now shop the accurately sourced eco-sustainable collection that comes in a broad variety of textures and colors from bright ones, to the most classy and neutrals suitable for your favorite watches in all the occasions, even the special ones, when you want to express your personal style.

Our journey to Sustainability has been starting years ago including in our Research & Development process the source for the finest eco-sustainable materials, from Italian recycled rubber, eco-leather, Alcantara, Piñatex that is a by-product made from pineapple leaf fibres, Cordura, Portuguese cork and Japanese denim Kurabo that lower the consequence on the environment. We strive to create the highest quality luxury eco-sustainable straps with the minimal environmental impact with a peculiar attention to luxury aesthetics and a true lifestyle that merges design, comfort and durability.

Visconti Milano has accurately selected the best eco-friendly materials based on softness, suppleness and comfort with the iconic touch of the best meticulous Italian craftmanship.

Do not miss the opportunity to contribute to a better environment wearing our eco-sustainable signature straps characterized by a unique luxurious feel.


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